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Brief introduction APRG of WUWM

Brief introduction APRG of WUWM

The World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) is an international network of fresh food actors - 217 wholesale and retail markets around the world - established in 1955 that leads international efforts to ensure food security worldwide and healthy, guaranteed and accessible diets for everyone. We share expertise, innovation and services, and we connect bright ideas and actors worldwide in order to achieve food accessibility and security for all. The goal of WUWM is to make sure that people around the world have sustainable, easy access to high-quality, healthy diets through a well-organized food system. With over 200 members, WUWM works in over 40 countries and 5 continents worldwide. Established in 2008, Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group (APRG) of WUWM aims to intensify regional collaboration and provide focus and support to the specific interests of WUWM members in Asia-Pacific area. APRG is chaired by WUWM Board Director Mr. Ma Zengjun, who acted as Chairman of WUWM from 2018 to 2021, the first Asian Chairman in WUWM history. Mr. Ma is also the Chairman of China Agricultural Wholesale Markets Association (CAWA), a national association with around 300 Chinese wholesale markets as members, who import large quantity of agriculture produce, including fruits, meat and seafood, etc. from countries all around the world. There are 4 branches of WUWM, named American Working Group, European Working Group, Asia-Pacific Regional Working Group (APRG) and African Working Group separately.

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